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Bielskie Zakłady Obuwia „Befado”  is a Polish manufacturer of textile shoes, renowned and appreciated by demanding customers, both within the country and abroad. A leader on the Polish market in terms of design and a very wide range of products for each age group. "Befado" offers footwear for children, teenagers and adults.

A company with 90 years of tradition, modern, employing the best professionals in the branch, focuses mainly on quality and range of the offer. It produces and sells about 2 million pairs of shoes per year.  Comfort of use of the Befado footwear is also appreciated by customers from very demanding  European markets, such as Germany, France, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Ukraine, Russia and Bulgaria. Manufacture of highest quality footwear requires the application of the most modern, state-of-the-art machines and equipment. All the required technical and technological solutions, the best for the footwear manufactured, are consistently implemented. The vast majority of products are manufactured in a direct injection technology, and the production of uppers requires the usage of splices made from natural materials, joined by adhesive spot application, for maximum breathability.  All the materials used for production are examined and tested, while finished products are checked by very demanding quality control staff.

The main objective of Befado is continuous development, aimed at maintaining a position of a textile footwear leading producer in Poland, satisfaction of users of the footwear that is comfortable, meets all the health-related criteria and, at the same time, fashionable and modern. The crucial factor affecting a successful company has always been the high standard of its offers on the market. In 2003, Dr Orto was placed on the market for the first time, special footwear characterized by advanced design and system technology.  This is a line of footwear for users with feet problems. This footwear is intended to be used by users with such feet deformations as: hallux valgus, hammer toe,  flatfeet (longitudinal and transverse), with characteristic corns on a sole, and for people suffering from diabetes.

The shoes are made of increased quality materials joined in a modern powder system, have insoles with hygienic properties, and the increased width fitting of the footwear guarantees comfort for users with swollen feet.

 Dr Orto footwear has been awarded numerous distinctions and medals, such as

  • a Gold Medal at Poznań International Fair.
  • the 1st prize in the XI “Diabetica Expo” National Diabetic Symposium in Toruń;
  • Distinction at the IX Rehmed - Expo Rehabilitation and Health Resort Treatment Fair in Kielce;
  • Distinction at the XVII International Fair of Rehabilitation Equipment in Łódź.

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