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Ease to put on


Because Dr Orto footwear is manufactured on a wide-fit last, our shoes are wide inside and have uppers that do not pinch a foot at any point. Wide and high toe cap secures enough space for toes and eliminates the risk of injury. Increased width fitting guarantees comfortable usage for people with swollen feet.

Dr Orto footwear is made from very soft textiles, with perfect hygienic properties and improved quality and, most importantly, they are friendly to painful feet. The number of stitchings and seams with bulges that could hurt feet, is reduced to a minimum.

Dr Orto footwear has a flexible sole that absorbs a shock wave generated while a foot contacts the ground, which protects feet against micro injures.

Most of the models have insoles that improve walking comfort considerably. The insole reduces the load in the points where the pressure is the most intense and prevents from ulceration and skin trophic lesions. Apart from prevention, it also has a hygienic function: lets feet breathe and prevents them from chafing.

In designing the footwear, we were guided by the needs and requirements of future users. Thanks to lacing and hoop and loop fasteners, the shoes are easy to put on. Designed to make sure the uppers are always closely fitted to different widths of feet.

The footwear has been tested by users suffering from diabetes, especially among patients exposed to and suffering from a diabetic foot syndrome.

The tests have been supervised by the Department and Clinic of Metabolic Diseases of Collegium Medicum of Jagiellonian University in Cracow.  

This footwear has been also assessed by the Shoe Industry Central Laboratory, and, based on organoleptic and fitting tests, this footwear was confirmed to fulfil requirements of footwear intended for diabetics, for patients with rheumatoid feet and with severe deformity of sensitive feet, to a large extent.

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SILBER - soft material pleasant for feet in our footwear!


The lining of some of Dr Orto models is made of SILBER, a soft material pleasant for feet, made in a special technology based on silver ions. 



  • has antibacterial and antifungal properties (inhibits the growth of bacteria, microorganisms, mould and fungi and provides antibacterial protection),
  • neutralises unpleasant odour,
  • has antiallergic properties,
  • provides thermal comfort by heat abstraction and maintaining optimal body temperature
    of 37o C,
  • absorbs humidity and guarantees optimal feet protection in long-lasting usage.



It is especially recommended to people suffering from a diabetic foot syndrome.


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