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     Expert opinion:

„Dr Orto footwear, thanks to its shape and the size of the inside, satisfies the requirements of people with sensitive and rheumatoid feet and the ones who suffer from a diabetic foot syndrome."

Shoe Industry Central Laboratory

  Dr n. med. Wojciech Radło
     Expert opinion:


"The shoes tested fulfil the criteria of shoes intended for people with diabetes, especially for the patients exposed to and suffering from a diabetic foot syndrome. They can be recommended to diabetics." 

Prof.dr Jacek Sieradzki
the head of the Department and the Clinic of Metabolic Diseases,
CM, Jagiellonian University

    Expert opinion:

„…the shoes can be used as therapeutic footwear for users suffering from initial or advanced stages of rheumatoid arthritis lesions in feet”.

Lek. Wojciech Owsiany
Orthopaedy and Locomotor System Traumatology Specialist

    User opinions:

 „...all my life I have not been able to find footwear that would fit my feet comfortably, until I used the Dr Orto footwear. (...)
These shoes are light, very comfortable and the insole increases walking comfort.”

Danuta Zając, aged 78

“...very comfortable, flexible and, what is the most important, my feet do not sweat when I’m wearing them. (...)The Dr Orto sole gave
maximum comfort to my foot, which has been operated on and requires special care, which is a comfortable and light footwear.”

J. Bogacz, aged 72

„I am very happy with these shoes; I use them as outdoor footwear as well as at home, because they are so comfortable, and this is what counts for elderly users…”


Stefania Motyka, aged 90

„My feet require appropriate footwear that could provide comfort to my disfigured and often cold feet (…) The Orto-soled footwear provides comfort that my legs need.”

Elżbieta Błachut, aged 80

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